Limitations continue every time I reopen the Xcode project

Every time I close and reopen XCode 6 beta 6 my previously happy constraints are messed up and I have to click on the yellow dot to go to "Misplaced Views" then click on each yellow triangle select "Refresh" Frame and click Fix Misplacement to fix the problem. Is this a bug in beta or maybe I did something wrong? Limitations in Xcode (at least for me) are terrible things to tame at the best of times, so maybe this isn't a bug?

Once fixed, and Xcode doesn't complain and render widgets badly, that's okay. But as soon as I close, reopen the project, they messed up again.


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I have experienced the same on a project I am working on. What I have observed is a circular connection between the views in the storyboard in question so that you can jump around and around a specific path or paths. The views are all built into the TabBarController, and each tab has its own NavigationController.

So for example:

  • Activity type (tab with programmatic selection), segue to ...
  • Detailed view, segue to ...
  • View Profile (Programmatic Select Tab), segue to ...
  • View position, go to ...
  • Detail view

... etc.

This seems to lead to random hacks of views.

What I have not yet is to test this by removing the segue circular paths. I'm not sure if I will ever be, since segue circular paths are part of the app's functionality. But I'm pretty sure this was where this strange behavior started. I would be interested to know if this fits your project.



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