Html stamp issue - "Shaking" website

I am working on a website and everything is fine except that my website is "shaking". (I am using chrome) The margin of my main Container changes in some ways and I have no idea why. They have the same HTML, it must have something to do with the content in the main container div

My website:  slightly to the left and after receiving the assignment (just press a few buttons).

Anyone have an idea?


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You can add

html{ overflow-y: scroll;}


for your css.

Places a persistent (but sometimes blank) scrollbar in the window



Always show scrollbar

html {
  overflow-y: scroll; 



Always show browser scroll bar to prevent page skipping

How to always show vertical scrollbar in browser?



The problem is most likely caused by the appearance of a scroll bar that shrinks the viewable area of ​​the browser window and can adjust the content accordingly.

There are several possible workarounds:

You can extend the length of the custom web page so that the content (post customization) also runs "below the fold"

Alternatively, you can wrap everything in an absolute positioned DIV, which will not "jitter" when the viewable area shrinks on the scrollbar screen.

Or - depending on your specific content - you can turn off the scrollbar. Although this last workaround is only recommended in very specific cases.



    margin: 0;


seems to resolve this without adding an empty scrollbar :)



I had the same problem due to scrolling jQuery

where I checked the scroll value and used it. I fixed the navigation bar with addClass

and removeClass

, adding the class didn't work because I didn't use !important

in the class CSS




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