Configure local (shared) memory for OpenCL using Nvidia platforms

I want to optimize my local memory access pattern in my OpenCL core. I read somewhere about configurable local memory. For example. we should be able to customize what amount is used for local mem and how much is used for automatic caching.

Also I read that the pot size can be selected for the latest (Kepler) Nvidia hardware here: . This point seems to be very important for storing double precision values ​​in local memory.

Does Nvidia provide local memory customization functionality exclusively for CUDA users? I cannot find similar methods for OpenCL. So maybe it could be called differently or it really doesn't exist?


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Unfortunately, there is no way to manage L1 cache / local memory configuration when using OpenCL. This functionality is only provided during CUDA runtime (via cudaDeviceSetCacheConfig

or cudaFuncSetCacheConfig




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