Remove everything but the first character of a string in a MySQL query

I am trying to run a query directly in MySQL to execute a series of records and replace the field value with only the string field character.

for example based on a column named formname

row 1 - Renault
row 2 - Citreon
row 3 - Jaguar


It will come back ..

row 1 - R
row 2 - C
row 3 - J


I can do this easily using native PHP functions, but not sure how to do it using SUBSTR function of MYSQL function?


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You can use left

update table
set column = left(column,1)


or for selection you can write

select col1,left(col2,1)
from table





To get this with the SUBSTR () function as you ask, you should use:

SELECT Field1, SUBSTR(field2, 1, 1) 
FROM MyTable


Function definition: SUBSTR(str,pos,len)



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