Filename changes when using allowEdit in a phone stumbling

I am using phonegap to build android app. In this I need to grab an image from the gallery . So I wrote the following code to capture an image{

    window.resolveLocalFileSystemURI(imageURI, function(fileEntry){
        fileEntry.file(function(fileObj) { 
    }, fail);
}, fail, { quality: 100, allowEdit : true,
    targetWidth: 600,
    targetHeight: 600,
    destinationType: destinationType.NATIVE_URI,
    sourceType: pictureSource.PHOTOLIBRARY 


It works great and freezes the image.

The problem is that when you insert allowEdit into the camera parameters, the image name changes. If I delete

/*allowEdit : true,
        targetWidth: 600,
        targetHeight: 600,*/


the name of the image is saved by default.

How to avoid renaming while editing . Someone is helping to solve this problem.


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In phonegap / cordova (version 3.3) when using "allowEdit: true and target height and width" for the camera parameters, the camera plugin has a default name like "resize.jpg" .

Therefore it is always stored as resige.jpg and also only for when displaying an image from the gallery and not when shooting with a camera.

So you can change the default line in (present inside src /

Instead of this

// Create an ExifHelper to save the exif data that is lost during compression
 String resizePath = getTempDirectoryPath() + "/resize.jpg";
// Some content: URIs do not map to file paths (e.g. picasa).
 String realPath = FileHelper.getRealPath(uri, this.cordova);


Replace this

String realPath = FileHelper.getRealPath(uri, this.cordova);
int postition = realPath.lastIndexOf( '.' );
// your image format like jpg or png
String imageFormat = realPath.substring(postition+1);
// your image name 
String imageName = realPath.substring(0,postition);
//now the default name is changed 
String resizePath = getTempDirectoryPath() + "/"+imageName+"."+imageFormat;


NOTE * This answer is for android only



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