RabbitTemplate receives messages and requests

My question is very similar to this one: RabbitTemplate receive and request Unfortunately, it was marked as an answer, although the answer does not suit my needs.

I want to emulate the functionality of the Rabbit Admin interface, that is, I want to synchronously read messages from the queue, but I don't want the queue to lose them, that is, something like viewing.

The answer here RabbitTemplate receive and requeue suggests using a listener, but in this case it will read and request endlessly. I only want to receive and request messages once, so I assume I should be using a RabbitTemplate and not a listener.


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class Peeker implements ChannelCallback<Message> {

    final MessagePropertiesConverter propertiesConverter = new DefaultMessagePropertiesConverter();

    public Message doInRabbit(Channel channel) throws Exception {
        GetResponse result = channel.basicGet("someQ", false);
        if (result == null) {
            return null;
        channel.basicReject(result.getEnvelope().getDeliveryTag(), true);
        return new Message(result.getBody(), propertiesConverter.toMessageProperties(
                result.getProps(), result.getEnvelope(), "UTF-8"));
Peeker peeker = new Peeker();


Message peek = this.rabbitTemplate.execute(peeker);




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