Air Native Extension for Mac - "has no method named"

I am adapting PC Air Extension to Mac. Successfully created a project that "should" work, but instead I get

Bug # 3500: Extension context does not have a named method

The packed ANE loads successfully, but no calls work. I suspect the initializer is not being called (and nothing complains about it). My proof is that I removed the initializer and finalizer from the C project and the behavior did not change.

Any suggestions?

Versions: Xcode 3, Air-15, Flex 4.13, Flash Builder 4.7

Edit: more information; I found that exporting the app as a standalone release / write installer and then installing and running the app, it works (well, still requires debugging, but extension methods are achieved). So the question simplifies "what's wrong with Flash Builder"


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Apparently it is not possible to use the Flash composer in conjunction with the native on air extensions on OSX.

Extension context creation works without complaint, but calls any of the provided functions

results in the error "3500: Extension context does not have a method named ..."

It took me a long time (and therefore my company's money) to discover that ANE is actually beautiful and can be

invoked outside of the flash linker by the appropriate command line or by packaging the executable.

This general package of behavior is very unsatisfactory and has been known for at least two years.

Even with a workaround (packaging release or calling using the command line) the workflow

worsened greatly.


for reference, the most helpful explanation of the workaround is this url date this post!

then search for the bar that follows the text

"Now that the simple demo code is ready, run it and see what it does. When you run the application, you will see an error below indicating a Flex Builder error :).



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