DataTables filter field has lost focus when overlaid on it

I am using dataTables jquery plugin on a table exposed with a loadable modal plugin. When I type in the data filter field, it has lost focus and I need to click inside it to type again. This behavior doesn't happen outside of the modal plugin, so I think the problem is with the communication between dataTables and the modal.

How can I solve this problem?

I am surfing the internet but I couldn't find an answer.

Thank you for your help!

Note. I am using Bootstrap 3.0.3 and dataTables 1.10.0


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I have a similar problem. The bootstrap modal has a little latency and the modal gets focus faster than input.focus (). If doesn't work try over 500.
I fixed it:

var input = $('selectorYourDatatable input');
}, 500);


Hope this will be helpful.



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