How much data can be saved in one Parse.Object.saveAll request? And how many requests will be used for one Parse.Object.saveAll

I recently have a test on I am facing the problem of using Parse.Object.saveAll in a background job.

From the doc on it says background work can take 15 minutes to complete. I now set up a background job to fill data into the database using the following code:

Parse.Cloud.job("createData", function(request, status) {
     var Dummy = Parse.Object.extend("dummy");
     var batchSaveArr = [];
     for(var i = 0 ; i < 50000 ; i ++){
        var obj = new Dummy();
        // genMessage() is a function to generate a random string with 5 characters long
        obj.set("message", genMessage());
        obj.set("numValue",Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000));
     Parse.Object.saveAll(batchSaveArr, {
         success: function(list){
         error: function(error){

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Although it is used to fill data into the database, the main purpose is to test the Parse.Object.saveAll function. When I run this task, the error message "This application has exceeded the request limit" appears. appears in the magazine. However, when I see the analysis page, it shows me that the number of requests is less than or equal to 1. I only run this job in Parse and no other request is executed while the background is running. There seems to be a problem in Parse.Object.saveAll. Or maybe I have some misunderstanding regarding this feature.

Does anyone have the same problem? How much data can be saved in one Parse.Object.saveAll request? How many requests will be used for one parameter Parse.Object.saveAll


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I asked a question on Facebook and the answer is pretty disappointing. Follow the link:



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