Will the Adobe Flex Compiler contribute to the Apache Flex Compiler?

Adobe has done some confusing things with Flash / Flex, one of which donated part of it to the Apache Foundation by creating the Apache Flex project (mirror?). The latest Flash AS3 compiler, codenamed "Falcon", should produce better and faster code. Falcon OSS on github in the Apache Flex project. Would this repo help the main Adobe Flex build? Is there even an Adobe Flex compiler (mxmlc.exe) or is it just Apache Flex from here on out?

In the Flex roadmap, Adobe states that:

Falcon Compiler Contribution to Apache

Falcon 1.0 is the next generation ActionScript compiler and is currently in development. With the completion of the ActionScript compiler part, Adobe will contribute Falcon 1.0 to Apache Flex. The project we expect will be in Q4 2012.


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The Flex SDK is completely donated by Apache and is currently in very active development. Flash Builder is still supported by Adobe, but I don't think they will ever release a new version. Apache Flex SDK is fully compatible with Flash Builder. Falcon is also under the wings of Apache, but there is no official release yet because it still has some limitations.

So the simple answer to your question is: Yes, it's not Adobe that will help Apache to contribute to the Falcon project, and finally you and the Flex developer community!

For more information, check out the Apache Flex site :



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