Camel http4 and url encoded passwords are interpreted as separate arguments

We have an Apache Camel application (2.13.2) that uses http4 to communicate with a web server using NTLM for authorization.

The endpoint is defined as (pseudo):

.to("http4://" + user + "&authPassword=" + pass 
   + "&authenticationPreemptive=true&authMethod=NTLM&authDomain=DOMAIN&authHost=host")


This works well if the variable pass

contains non-special characters.

However, if pass

contains, for example "abcd&def"

- Camel it will intepret an ampersand as the delimiter for the query parameters, as it should be.

But the url encoding the ampersand (i.e. "abcd%26def"

) doesn't make any difference?

We still end up with Camel calling the ""

truncated password endpoint .

Is there something obvious that we are missing, or does this seem like a bug?



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See Camel documentation for uris endpoint setup

There is a section on passwords, for example you should use the RAW () syntax.

So it would be something like

.to("http4://" + user + "&authPassword=RAW(" + pass 
   + ")&authenticationPreemptive=true&authMethod=NTLM&authDomain=DOMAIN&authHost=host")




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