How do I add line breaks to icon file names?

The presence of the icon:

Name: "{commondesktop}\The Desktop Icon"; Filename: "{sys}\calc.exe"


I would like my icon to be named one word per line regardless of changing Windows Explorer icon view settings (small, large, medium):

│    The    │
│  Desktop  │
│   Icon    │


Is there a way to specify the name of the link file so that it contains line breaks?


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In the Windows Explorer desktop list view, you can see the * .lnk file names from the desktop folders. Thus, to force line breaks on list view items, you need to at least create files containing line breaks in their names.

And what I consider to be impossible, at least because it file naming convention

restricts the use of line break characters ( CR

and LF

chars), since they are in the forbidden range of char code 1-31, and therefore the line break must be escaped somehow, and I believe such an escape will be documented somewhere, but I cannot find any information about it.



Use an uninterrupted space ( Alt+ 0160) to complete the name.



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