How to display a multidimensional slice of an array

Let's say I have a multidimensional array:

logic [7:0] mda [7:0];


What I am currently trying to do is assign the mda[7:4]

output port i.e. is defined as follows:

output [31:0] odata;


Of course, I can do it using concatenation:

assign odata = {mda[7], mda[6], mda[5], mda[4]};


But there should be (and probably is) an easier way to do this. First try:

assign odata = mda[7:4];


which is wrong because the types (unpacked ↔ packed array) do not match. All my casting attempts (for example 32'(mda[7:4])

) have failed. The question is: what's the best way to assign this cut to an output port?


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You can use a for loop ... Most synthesis tools have no problem for constant range loops:

module dut(output [31:0] odata);

  logic [7:0] mda [7:0];  

  reg[31:0] data;
  always @* begin
    data = 0;
    for(int i=7; i >=4; i--) begin
      data <<= 8;
      data |= mda[i];

  assign odata = data;



Here's a quick test:



You can use the streaming operator:

initial begin
  logic[31:0] data;

  mda[7] = 'hde;
  mda[6] = 'had;
  mda[5] = 'hbe;
  mda[4] = 'hef;
  data = { >> { mda[7:4] }};

  $display("data = ", data);


This works great in a procedural context, but not in a continuous assignment context (for some reason). This means it doesn't work:

assign odata = { >> { mda[7:4] }};


You need to find a workaround where you stream in a procedural context (probably in a block always

) and then assign the result to a wire.



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