Can I create an Android app as a template?

I'm not sure if this is the correct title, but poorly explain what I mean. I am making several Android apps, but they have the same structure sliding menu, list view, about me, costume dialog (copy, share, like) with some style changes (colors, backgrounds, fonts, menu bars)

my qustion: is there a way to use the framework as a library or implementation or some other way to deal with the same codes in every project?


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Basically, you want to create Android library

. Just develop it like a normal application with Activities

and layout


Please follow this tutorial to set up your project.

When you create a new project with this library, all your code will be seamlessly included, and you will have access to yours Activities

and even to the class R




Try Android studio - Official IDE for Android Development. Easy to use.

It is possible to save your project as a template. Tools> Save Project as Template enter image description here

For eclipse I think you need to write a plugin / ...



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