JQuery scrollTop animation changeable in chrome

I have an element. I am applying some basic transitions based on scroll position. It runs smoothly as expected in Safari and Firefox, but scrolling in Chrome is very choppy.

$(document).ready(function($) {
  var divUp = $('.fade');
  var divDown = $('.fade-down');
  $(window).on('scroll', function() {
    var st = $(this).scrollTop();
        'top'     : -(st/6)+"px", 
        'opacity' : 1 - st/400
        'opacity' : 1 - st/400


I have commented out each property CSS

individually, but Chrome is fine. The property top

moves a relatively positioned element.

How can I achieve the desired effect while still happy with the JS JS engine? Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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You are experiencing layout markup .

Changing an element's property top

invalidates the current layout. Typically this will prompt the browser to re-compute the layout asynchronously (i.e. not immediately).

However, the call scrollTop

causes the browser to reschedule synchronously . Since you call it in your scroll event handler, this happens repeatedly in a very short amount of time. This sequence of reading a DOM record is a known cause of jank .

To improve performance, you need to prevent layout splitting. Changing the CSS properties transform

(and opacity

) does not override the browser layout - they only require the composite , which is much faster.

If you animate transform: translateY

instead top

, the browser won't have to compute expensive computations on every animation frame:

  'transform': 'translateY( ' + (-(st/6)) + 'px)', 
  'opacity': 1 - st/400


You can help optimize your browser for navigation by setting the will-change property :

.your-div {
  will-change: transform;


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