IOS 8 GM - Can't Install IPA

Yesterday I installed iOS 8 GM on my development iPad and XCode 6 GM on my Mac. Most of my apps work fine, but there is one that I can no longer install. The same IPA that worked on iOS7 is now simply not installed. I tried as a web page owned by me where plist and other images and diawi are correctly placed. Both methods lead to the same result: when the message "XXX wants to install APP on your iPad" appears and I click "OK", nothing happens. Nothing.

Is there anyone who has gone through this on iOS 8?


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I had the same problem.

Error message on device console:

<Warning>: LoadExternalDownloadManifestOperation: Ignore manifest download, already have bundleID:


Was able to solve with this comment:

which is in .plist, renamed the bundle id to some random string.



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