Installing and running an application as a service on Windows linux and MAC

Hello everyone I am creating a standalone Java application with Swing. Now I wanted to distribute this application as an .exe or .sh file. Also I wanted to install and run the application as a service on Windows, Linux and MAC computers? so how can i

  • How can I run my application as a service on this OS.
  • How do I create an installer of my application so that when I double click on it, it will be installed and run as a service on that OS.

What have i done so far

I google around and I came across a tool called YAJSW, I followed the steps given in this Quickstart and generated a wrapper class of my application and it works as instructed on my machine, but I dont know how I can link this wrapper and distribute my application as .exe or .sh so that my application gets installed and executed as a service on my client machine.

any help or direction guidance would be appreciated. Thank...


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try installing 4 j it can create exe, configure service, run batch files to create db and execute them request, manage route and environment variable and create your own installer screen. you can create a multiplatform installer but i only used it on windows



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