Android Studio: intermediate items directory not populating

I am using NDK for Android Studio 0.8.9. I followed this tutorial where the author is using 0.5.1. After his tutorial, he was able to see the generated files at ./app/build/ndk/debug/lib

(around 3:42 in the video). However, in my case, I can see there an additional directory created by Android Studio called intermediates

. Although the libraries created by the NDK are subdirectories intermediates

, I don't see them in my project structure. See image below:

intermediates directory empty

This is the contents of the directory itself intermediates

(seen from the explorer view):

NDK ExplorerView

If I add a directory myself, for example just a text file, then I can see that directory in a directory build

in the structure Project


Is there some sort of filtering that filters out binaries or something like that? Or what could be causing this behavior?


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