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I am using Sprint Boot and want to have multiple profile specific properties files. Status of documents:

In addition to application.properties files, specific property profiles can also be defined using the APPLICATION- {profile} .properties naming convention.


However, I have multiple properties files (for example db.properties

). I am currently downloading this non-core file as:

@PropertySource( {"classpath:db.properties"} )
class DataSourceConfig  {
    @Value("db.server") String server;


How can I combine these two things together, so it loads db-dev.properties

like Spring Boot forapplication.properties

It looks like it should be easy, but I can't figure out how to do it?


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Java -jar my-spring-boot.jar - spring.profiles.active = test you can set profile.active = your environment using command line



I just saw what you are using @PropertySource

. the docs say:

Both application.properties (or application.yml) defined by a profile and files referenced via @ConfigurationProperties are considered uploaded files.



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