Alt-ergo won't start on windows via cygwin

I am trying to run a test file in frama-c using alt-ergo. However, I am getting followng error with alt-ergo. All other frama-c checks are fine. I know the problem is not with the test file.

--- Alt-Ergo (stderr) :
Fatal error: exception Sys_error("/tmp/wpf0dd65.dir/typed/test_post_2_Alt-Ergo.mlw: No such file or directory")
[wp] [Alt-Ergo] Goal typed_test_post_2 : Failed
     Error: Alt-Ergo exits with status [2]


I am on a windows machine and doing all installations through cygwin in admin mode I got frama-C Neon and installed it with ./configure & make & make-install

and the installation was successful (all frama-c checks pass in my test file)

I got the following version of the Linux x86_64 alt-ergo binary: alt-ergo-0.95.2-x86_64 from . I went with this version as the frama-c docs request version 0.95.

I used the following instructions to install alt-ergo ( )

Installing Alt-ergo

The easiest way is to get the alt-ergo binary. Download a file called "Linux x86_64 binary" Then:

   chmod +x alt-ergo-0.95.2-x86_64 
   sudo cp alt-ergo-0.95.2-x86_64 /usr/bin/alt-ergo


when called which

, but frama-c and alt-ergo have the correct path

$ which frama-c

$ which alt-ergo


I also have why3 and it detects ergo prover

$ why3 config --detect-provers
Found prover Alt-Ergo version 0.95.2, Ok.
1 provers detected and 0 provers detected with unsupported version
Save config to /home/username/.why3.conf



I created the following test.mlw with an online example

type 'a set

logic add : 'a , 'a set -> 'a set
logic mem : 'a , 'a set -> prop

axiom mem_add:
    forall x, y : 'a. forall s : 'a set.
    mem(x, add(y, s)) <->
    (x = y or mem(x, s))

logic is1, is2 : int set
logic iss : int set set

goal g:
    is1 = is2 -> 
    mem (is1, add (is2, iss))


Executing alt-ergo results in:

alt-ergo test.mlw
File "file.mlw", line 1, characters 1-26:Valid (0.0156) (0)


Any ideas?


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Symptoms are covered next: using the -wp-out flag with the Windows path will fix the problem


frama-c -wp -wp-print -wp-out c:/Users/userName/Desktop/tmp2 ../../cygdrive/c/Users/userName/Desktop/swap.c




Can you put the following example in "file.mlw"

goal hello_world: 1+1 = 2


and then try your Windows and / or Cygwin binaries by providing "file.mlw" as input



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