Segmentation error when running node in

I was writing a daemon in node (hosted forever

) and notice that the worker process sometimes accidentally dies. I've added a segault handler to see what's going on, but the typical stacktrace ... useless?

PID 9949 received SIGSEGV for address: 0x0


Once I got this trail on error, instead:

PID 5820 received SIGSEGV for address: 0x18


which still shows the top call at

(although preceded by the call at node).

I find it hard to believe that a segfault is happening in

(or ... anywhere?), But what is it? Has anyone had this experience in the past? Anyone have any hints for further debugging?

I am on CentOS 6.5 with node v0.10.29 (from epel repository), for reference.


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