Writing stream obtained from Invoke-RestMethod to image file in PowerShell

I have an Asp.Net web API that can return a stream of an image to the client.

public HttpResponseMessage GetImage(string imageId)
    var response = new HttpResponseMessage();
    response.Content = new StreamContent(fileStream);
    return response;


With the help of a fiddler, I can see that the image was loaded successfully. I want to save it to a local image using PowerShell.

$result = Invoke-RestMethod ...


I got $result

it but don't know how to save it to a local drive, I tried the following ways:

# 1
$result | Out-File ".../test.png"

# 2: this exception said the $result is a string, cannot convert to Stream
$fs = New-Object IO.FileStream "...\test.png","OpenOrCreate","Write"


What's the correct way to save an image to my local machine using PowerShell?


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Use the switch -OutFile


$url = "http://cdn.sstatic.net/stackoverflow/img/sprites.png?v=3c6263c3453b"
Invoke-RestMethod $url -OutFile somefile.png


You can also use Invoke-WebRequest

instead Invoke-RestMethod




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