User management system in node.js

Most web application requirements for user management are fairly common:

  • User registers

  • Receives confirmation email

  • Forgot Password Request

  • The administrator assigns a role to the user, etc.

Is there a node.js / express.js project that has stream implemented and configured already?

Passport.js allows an application to authenticate, but not perform the functions listed above. I saw Drywall. It uses MongoDB. I'm looking for a module that allows me to configure a user storage engine so that I can use my own MySQL database to store users.

ASP.NET provides such functionality in the membership module and also allows developers to fully customize it. Do we have something for node.js?


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I am using the sails framework and there are some packages that integrate with sails. For authentication, I found this package: , maybe this will help you.



To answer Victor's answer , there is a comprehensive user / role management system for expression called sails-permissions based on sails.js .



I think you will have to use Drywall and configure it to use mySQL. It's unusual to use mySQL for node.js as you already know.

Perhaps this article will help you with mySQL integration:



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