JTextPane getSelectedText with HTML tags

I have a JTextPane containing HTML formatted text. I would like to allow the user to copy text from the panel, replacing <br />

with a symbol \n

. For this I am using TransferHandler.

TransferHandler works great. My only problem is that if I want to get the HTML formatted content of the JTextPane, I have to use its getText () method. If I use the getSelectedText () method, I only get plain text without tags <br />

, which is a problem as I want to preserve the formatting when the user copies the contents of the panel.

Is there a way to get the selected text of the JTextPane with its html tags?


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I found a solution that is pretty hackish.

Instead of formatting the displayed text with tags, <br />

I put each line on its own <div>

. This way, when you copy text from the JTextPane, the embedded text will retain the string formatting.



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