Rails Multi-Step Form without Wizard Gem

I have a Rails 3.2.14 application that is collecting call data. The new action and edit form is quite long on one page. I'm looking to implement a multi-step form that uses JS / client-side processing to navigate through a step. I looked at Wicked Gem as a way to do multi-step forms, but I don't need state configuration and don't want to update the call record with every step. I just need a clean way to break the form into steps and indicate the current step.

I've looked into the Fuelx component and its Form Wizard, but would like to see if there are any other JS modules out there for creating multi-step forms in Rails.

I understand this question might be a bit vague, so feel free to edit or provide feedback. If it is not clear please let me know. Just look for suggestions or methods on how to make this work.


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After some trial and error, I was able to use Fuelux to implement a multi-step form in my application. Eventually, I'll look at creating a multi-step form that records the state of a record, perhaps using the Wicked Wizard Gem as a means of defining steps. But now the Fuelux Wizard component works fine.



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