Non-project files with ReSharper (SASS)

I am running JetBrains ReSharper 8.2 on a project that uses SASS for styling.

I am bundling my separate scss files into one "common.css" file. This file is not included in the project, but compiled when building on the server (grunt + compass will take care of this).

I don't want to include this file, but only my SCSS files in the project. This, however, causes ReSharper to report a lot of errors ("Unknown CSS class" ...) in my views because the file is not included.

Is there a workaround for this (without disabling css errors in settings)?

I've tried the "ReSharper.ExternalCode" extension ( ) but with no luck.


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Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this. ReSharper doesn't know about SCSS files and doesn't know anything about files that aren't included in the project, so it can only read undefined CSS classes.

The external code plugin should work and allow ReSharper to process the resulting css file. However, I'm not sure how flexible it is - I think it needs everything to be configured before the solution is open. That is, it only tells ReSharper about the generated file when the solution is opened. Configuring things while the solution is open probably won't be reflected immediately (but I haven't tried it). Likewise, it does not notify ReSharper of changes to the file, and I don't think ReSharper is setting up any monitoring. Therefore, if the file is not available when the solution is opened or changes when it is opened, ReSharper will not have the correct information. I'll try to set it up, close the solution and reopen it.



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