TFS Build Server 2013 and XUnit

I am having trouble setting up a TFS build server on a locally hosted build machine.

I have a normal test framework i.e.



I am using visualstudio online and a local server to build and deploy.

I have no problem getting a C # .net application to download source, build and deploy.

I created a folder for XUNIT with the required DLLs and checked in TFS

In the dialog box for the build server, for the source control path to custom assemblies as follows

$ / IT Development / Bin / XUnit

This folder contains the following DLLs



The following blog post suggests that this should be enough


I am getting the following in the build output

<R β†’ $ / IT Development /HelloWorld/HelloWorld/HelloWorld.sln compiled $ / IT Development / HelloWorld / HelloWorld / HelloWorld.sln - 0 errors, 6 warnings, View log file No test results No code coverage results Effective tests No tests suffered.

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I solved this by installing Visual Studio Professional on the build server. This gives access to the VisualStudio Test Runner on the build machine. Brute force, but it was the easiest option.



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