JQuery grep, set with regex

I'll start this question by asserting that I am really bad with regex.

Said this, I wonder if it is possible to filter the array using jquery $ .grep, match strings with a specific string, something like this:

 var a = ["ABC:12", "xx:ABC:2", "ASD:3", "xx:ASD:5"];
 var s = a.split(",");

 var array = $.grep(s, function(x, y) {
   return ??????;


so after applying $ .grep or any other function that might help, I need the number after the :: number with ABC, so my new array would be:

array[12, 2];


Any help with this ??? I would be very grateful!


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select only the array elements that satisfy the filter function.

You need an extra step for $.map

all numbers from the grepped array.

var a = ["ABC:12", "xx:ABC:2", "ASD:3", "xx:ASD:5"];

var b = $.grep(a, function(item) {
    return item.indexOf("ABC:") >= 0;

var array = $.map(b, function(item) {
    return item.split(":").pop();





var a = ["ABC:12", "xx:ABC:2", "ASD:3", "xx:ASD:5"];

// map array ,
// test array items for "ABC" string ,
// filter `Number` in strings containing "ABC" ,
// return filtered Numbers , in newly mapped array
var s = $.map(a, function(n) {
  return (/ABC/.test(n) ? Number(n.split(":").filter(Number)) : null)
}); // [12, 2]




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