Too many open Maven Netbeans files

I ran into an error that I cannot figure out, even after searching extensively on the internet.

I am running a Maven project in Java for SSH in a remote location, the project was building fine last week until I ran into this error message:

Maven runtime error. There were 2 issues while creating effective settings Unreadable Settings / Applications / NetBeans / NetBeans /java/maven/conf/settings.xml(Too many open files in the system) @ / Applications / NetBeans / NetBeans Could not use environment variables for interpolation: cannot start program "env": error = 23, too many open files on the system @

Is there any way to delete these files as I can no longer build the application.

Many thanks



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You can try using ulimit -v without restriction on the bash user profile.



Give mvn clean

it a try This removes all files generated by the previous build.



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