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I am trying to use mono d to develop some vibe.d applications and I am having problems with the debugger. Sometimes I don't see the content of some variables. Also, in order to have any symbols at all, I need to remove my complete "buildTypes" configuration in my dub.json.

Also, when starting a debug session, I get the following: Warning "&": GDB: Could not install control terminal: Operation not allowed \ n ""

Finally, I am unable to stop my application using the mono d "stop" command. I always need to use kill -9 in my application, otherwise it will work.

Any idea how to solve these problems?

All in all, I struggle to find a comfortable work environment. Tried Visual Studio + VisualD, Eclipse + DDT and Monodevelop + Mono-D, but they all have their own problems, almost always related to debugging. What is everyone else using?

Thanks a lot, Mario


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  • GBD based debugging is not very good in Mono-D. In my opinion Eclipse can understand more D constructs, but the best option is to use VisualD w / Mago. Unfortunately, the current version of Mago makes VS 2013 very unstable.

  • Could you put your unfortunate dub.json config in there?

  • I am assuming you are using Ubuntu with the latest version of GDB. You can ignore this warning, it is related to some features of GDB 7.x and GNOME, I am sure it will be fixed soon. As a workaround, you can use Mono's built-in terminal for debugging.

  • I do not have this "stop". Which version of Monodevelop and Mono-D are you using? It is recommended to use the recent beta instead of the stable version, I am using Monodevelop 5.6 right now without any problems.

I think Mono-D + Linux is by far the best option to use for D development right now, despite the challenges.



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