Golang / mgo: leave blank fields from insert

For some reason, mgo

inserts an empty structure into db as null, even though I set the omitempty option.

package main

import (

type A struct {
    A bool

type B struct {
    X       int `json:"x,omitempty" bson:"x,omitempty"`
    SomeA   *A `json:"a,omitempty" bson:"a,omitempty"`

func main() {
    b := B{}
    b.X = 123

    if buf, err := json.MarshalIndent(&b, "", " "); err != nil {
    } else {


The json encoder leaves the property SomeA

, but it resides in the database as "a" : null

. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just not possible to do it this way?


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Yes, so the problem was there were tabs between the json and bson encoder settings, so idle didn't work. So this is wrong :

SomeA   *A `json:"a,omitempty"         bson:"a,omitempty"`


Instead, just one place and all is well :

SomeA   *A `json:"a,omitempty" bson:"a,omitempty"`




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