Haskell, get a list of all enum values ​​without naming them

I have (and cannot be changed):

data Example = Value1 | Value2 | Value3
    deriving (Eq, Ord, Enum, Show)


And I need this function that returns a list of all values ​​in the data definition:

examples :: [Example]


But I cannot use value names like this:

examples :: [Example]
examples = [Value1 ..]


I've tried things like this, but they don't work:

examples :: [Example]
examples = [x | x <- Example]


Thank you for your help.


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2 answers

Using toEnum 0

to generate the first value, and enumFrom

then to generate the list of values, is the only way here without a class Bounded


For example:

generateEnumValues :: (Enum a) => [a]
generateEnumValues = enumFrom (toEnum 0)

examples :: [Example]
examples = generateEnumValues


The main problem with this approach is that it is not guaranteed to toEnum 0

always give the first enum value (I see no such guarantee in the Enum docs page ). However, this will be true for any enum instance created with deriving Enum


So, if at all possible, add the class Bounded

to the type and just use [minBound..]




Withdraw Bounded

and use [minBound..maxBound]




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