JMS multiple long term subscription to one topic

I started JMS for a week now. I created JMS using Netbeans, maven and glassfish.

I have one producer and one reliable consumer and I wanted to add another durable consumer to the same theme (not a queue). Can this be done? because I want all consumers to consume all the message sent by the producer, regardless of whether the users are offline or not.

Any advice? Thanks to

public class DurableReceive {

@Resource(lookup = "jms/myDurableConnectionFactory")
private static ConnectionFactory connectionFactory;

@Resource(lookup = "jms/myNewTopic")
private static Topic topic;

public static void main(String[] args) {
    Destination dest = (Destination) topic;
    JMSConsumer consumer;
    boolean messageReceived = false;
    String message;
    System.out.println("Waiting for messages...");

    try (JMSContext context = connectionFactory.createContext();) {
        consumer = context.createDurableConsumer(topic, "Subscriber1");
        while (!messageReceived) {
            message = consumer.receiveBody(String.class);
            if (message != null) {
                System.out.print("Received the following message: " + message);
                System.out.println("(Received date: " + new Date() + ")\n");
            } else {
                messageReceived = true;
    } catch (JMSRuntimeException e) {
        System.err.println("@#$%RuntimeException occurred: " + e.toString());




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You can set different clientIDs for different trusted consumers. The JMS broker uses a combination of subscriptionName and clientId to identify a unique client (so if your subscriber has a unique client ID, they can receive their own messages). You can set client id in your JmsContext.



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