Use freemarker library in android

I am trying to use the freemarker library in my project, but I am getting an error while initializing the Configuration object.

I researched this question and found this link. I tried to apply the patch mentioned in the link above, but I was unable to apply it successfully.

Can anyone use Freemarker in Android please help?


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Even though Freemarker does not officially support Android, it published a special * .jars for GAE to provide some support, and many other Android solutions could successfully use Freemarker in their application (either rendering the view / code, or just evaluating some expressions ).


The root cause of the problem is that Freemarker will use several things from a package java.beans

that for some reason is not included in the core Android libraries.

According to the answer on Stackoverflow (/ questions / 15065545 / using-jars-that-use-java-beans -classes-introspector-beaninfo-ordesdescri), this is an Android flaw, and to complete the challenge, we have to "fork all 3 party jars from source and rewrite them so they don't use classes java.beans.*

(possibly replacing them for openbeans) ".


Find a lookup for java.beans

that can be changed so it will work on Android. It can be openbeans

or mad-robot

, for example.

Even for the Freemarker pattern, there is a patch that basically changes java.beans

to mad-robot

beans in the source - you can find the fix and the associated thread.

Possible workarounds:

  • Applying a patch to support Freemarker Android
  • Manually recompile with openbeans.jar

  • Manually recompile with mad-robot



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