Cordova 3.5.1 with iOS 8 device, remote debugging on Safari 7.1

I exported a custom distribution of the Cordova application for testing. After installing OTA on iPad with iOS 8 and connecting it to Mac, Safari remote debugging won't work, it just won't show the app in the developer menu.

Is there a solution for this or a Safari alternative for remote debugging on an iOS device?

edit Updating Safari to 7.1 also caused the web inspector in ad hoc distribution on iOS 7 devices before it crashed, any of the same issues?


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I just checked and Safari iOS 8 remote debugging works with newest nightly build

you can grab one here


Looks like Safari 7.1 came out as well, according to this it solves the issues with the inspector



i used

include in your Cordova app code


script allows you to remotely debug your application on a device.



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