Django admin login failed with valid user

I just created a new django app but can't login to admin (grappelli) with a valid superuser. I checked the user in the shell -

>>> from django.contrib.auth import authenticate
>>> user = authenticate(username='admin', password='admin')
>>> user.is_active and user.is_superuser


When I enter the same credentials in localhost: 8000 / admin, I get a "Please correct the errors below" error. However errors are not listed

broken login

I noticed that no session is created in the django_sessions table when I try to login using the browser (there are sessions created for shell login above).

I am using django 1.6.2 with grappelli and running this on django dev webserver.


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If you want to login to django admin you should check below options.

is_superuser is True 
is_staff is True

for the user you are signing in with.

try uninstalling grappelli and then login to django admin.



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