Android: Disable Mandatory Restart on SIM Change

For an application I'm currently developing, we want to read data from the user's SIM card, which works great. We want the user to be able to switch the SIM card while the application is running. In this case, the OS requests a restart of the device, and we cannot suppress this message.

Is there a way to make it able to insert a SIM card while the app is running without restarting the device. I am open to all options (rooting, custom rom, etc.)


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I don't think this is possible - I have never seen any options in the phone settings to enable or disable this feature. What might interest you is that for some phones, for example the Sony Xperia Z, as far as I remember, the phone allowed the SIM to be changed without rebooting.



I found a method, but I don't know if it will work with other devices.

Device:Sony E4g(2003)
Root required :yes
Apps Needed :Romtoolbox pro


First open the toolbar and go to the application manager, then search "Sim Detection"

, this is a system application, then click on it and go to "advanced freeze option"

, then you disable "SimDetectionReciever"

and you are done.

Hope it helps



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