How do I initialize a Condition object without an explicit assignment?

Example :

Condition condition;

condition = CAR.COLOR.eq("blue");
condition = condition.or(CAR.MODEL.eq("Genesis"));
condition = condition.or(CAR.MANUFACTOR.eq("ford").and(CAR.COLOR.eq("blue")));


Is there a way to initialize the org.jooq.Condition object without an explicit assignment? Something like:

Condition condition = new Condition();


And then I want to increment my condition for each loop and return that condition object in some method. But if I do this:

public Condition getRuleConditions(List<Rule> rules){
  Condition condition;
  for(Rule rule: rules){
    condition = condition.or(rule.getField().eq(rule.getValue()));
return condition;


I am unable to return this Condition object.


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You have two options:

Using the original layout Condition


Condition condition = DSL.falseCondition();
for (Rule rule : rules) {
    condition = condition.or(rule.getField().eq(rule.getValue()));


Usage null


Condition condition = null;
for (Rule rule : rules) {
    Condition c = rule.getField().eq(rule.getValue());
    condition = (condition == null) ? c : condition.or(c);


In the second example, the result Condition

can be null

, of course, and you have to handle it elsewhere in the code. In the first example, the resulting Condition

will never benull



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