Facebook does not allow admin to get publish_actions permissions on development app

I'm having a weird problem. I am requesting publish_actions permission for my app and trying to validate it with my own ID which has an admin role in the app, but when I try to get the app permissions, Facebook asks me to submit the app to view.

I really can't develop an application because of this and it is very frustrating.

Facebook should let the admin get publish_actions permission for the app.

How can I fix this?

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This user is the administrator of this application. I'm completely stuck here! Feel like giving up FB development and doing something else.


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After a lot of pain, I finally figured it out. As @WizKid mentioned in his first comment (the second is actually in error in my opinion), this is just a warning. It is not clear that the user needs to click "OK" (grant permission to enter), and then another dialog box appears , in which permission is requested publish_actions




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