Heap Profile Reports vs Task Manager Reports: Who to Trust?

I have a Chrome extension that seems to have a memory leak: Chrome Task Manager is reporting a gradual increase in memory size. But when I use the dev profiler to take snapshots of the heap and compare them, I see pure negative dimensions. So why do these two tools disagree?

Is the task manager measuring something in addition or different from the heap? I see references to "javascript heap" and "native memory" - how does this affect what these tools report? And what is meant by one's own memory in this context?

This is basically the same question as in Interpreting memory usage in chrome task manager and chrome heap snapshot - why doesn't this display all allocated memory? but none of them received a definitive answer. So I hope the third try is charm and someone can fix it.

Additional information: OK, I see that you can add more columns to the Task Manager including "javascript memory". (Also: "The goats are teleported"). Presumably this column should correlate very closely with what I see in the Heap Profiler. Indeed, it rises slightly and then drops down and usually acts soothingly in a leak. So what is Task Manager memory column? Javascript and DOM, HTML and CSS and ... what else?


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