How to speed up development? (A lot of time was spent waiting for the sails ...)

Developing in sails is a pain! I have to wait ... and wait ... and wait ... So much time wasted waiting!

  • Every time I update my controller / model / config I have to restart sails.js. Takes 25-35 seconds each time to restart the server.
  • When I update the CSS / JS file I hit refresh in the browser and the changes are not shown! My guess is that in the background the sails should be moving new files from / assets to / .tmp. But I have to wait 5-10 seconds for a simple CSS / JS change to show up! (I already have caching disabled in Google Console).

I don't mind # 1 so much, I understand the need (I messed up all the time with Apache / PHP where the changes showed up instantly).

But # 2 really gets to me. Is there a way to speed up this speed? I cannot develop like that.

i.e. make it serve files from / assets instead of / .tmp during development?

i.e. skip compilation and just serve up LESS / SASS files? etc...


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