Automatically add a debit or credit card to Google Wallet

If we have credit or debit card information, can we add the credit or debit card programmatically to Google Wallet, either from an Android app or server code?


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No, and IMHO that would be contrary to what the Instant Buy wallet is all about.

Q: Why are there numbers of virtual disposable cards?

  • Enhanced security . If a single-use card number is compromised, a fraudulent user can do little harm. Google users expect that Google will not provide their real financial information.

  • Simplified Technical Integration : The Virtual Onetime Card number exchange allows Google to greatly simplify merchant integration (excluding complex encryption, dedicated keys, direct connection between Google and merchant data silos, etc.)

You are probably looking for / comparing with other credit card gateways / services that have options for such (eg store and "tokenize"). Instant Buy wallet is not like that - see this FAQ .

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