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I have this file hierarchy in my project:



I want to add rules to .gitignore so that all files inside assets are ignored except js files. I've tried following in .gitignore, which only considers script.js from the first level:



and then tried this, which also only takes script.js into account:



Other templates like! assets //. js or! assets / **. js doesn't work. I want all javascript files at all levels to be treated as unaffected.

I am trying to do this with Git version 2.1.0.


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You should not ignore any directories or look into those directories to include the .js

files underneath again. See What is the difference between Git ignoring the directory and the / * directory? ...

So, it .gitignore

should be:





files may already be tracked. please do not browse other files and add them to your ig

# Ignore everything
# Don't ignore directories, so we can recurse into them
# Don't ignore .gitignore and *.js files




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