How to render component / helper by name from instance field?

Is there a way to use component from controller / view field

So instead of using

{{contact-select label="Label:" contacts=form.prop}}
// or
{{input-field label="Label:" contacts=form.prop}}
// or
{{datepicker-component label="Label:" contacts=form.prop}}


use some like

{{context.helperName label="Label:" contacts=form.prop}}


I am trying to use the ember-helpers-render-component component but it does not accept the component name from the property


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You can use the helper component that was introduced in 1.11.0. Unfortunately, there was no built-in way to do this prior to 1.11.0. If you can't update, this thread can point you in the direction of writing your own helper.



Version 1.11 has a helper component

for earlier versions I found relative questions / answers: How to dynamically load ember components by name in template? how can I dynamically call a dynamic component using a variable?

For my purposes, I adapt the code like this

and now I can use in my template

{{renderComponent field.type _param=field.value label=field.label}}


to get the same as

{{input field.value label=field.label}}


PS> as variat - it is possible to get the code from and put it directly into the project



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