I can't localize my Xcode project? Says the project has not been localized

I am currently trying to localize my project, but it doesn't work. I just want to add a new language to it, but I cannot select any resource. If I try to localize a specific resource, I get a message like "You must localize your project first"

I'm stuck and I have no idea what to do?

Any ideas?

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Other solutions didn't work for me, so I figured it out by editing the project.pbxproj file in textedit. Change knownRegions

from empty list to include en

and Base


        knownRegions = (


Now I can add languages ​​and it doesn't complain that the project is not localized.

I was unable to localize the project because none of the resources appeared in the list, and I could not add resources to the list because the project was not localized. Catch 22. (this is since Xcode 6.2)



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