How can we get> 100 comments using YouTube API v2?

I know YouTube API v2 is deprecated, however v3 does not have the ability to extract comments from YouTube videos. So, I have no choice but to use v2 to get comments.

I read online that we are allowed up to 1000 comments from YouTube videos, but I can only get 50 results at a time. Thus, I used the following urls to fetch the data:


and so on, until start-index = 1001

The fact is that youtube stops returning comments from start-index = 101 and beyond. So, I can only get 100 comments. I need to get 1000 comments. How can i do this?

To reproduce the issue I'm facing, just follow the link:

and you will see that there are no input fields.


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As announced at Vidcon this year, v3 comments are in testing. For interested parties, we include them in the testing process, and a production version will be released soon.



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