Object 'float' has no attribute '__getitem__' Python error

When I run the code

import numpy as np
from scipy.integrate import odeint
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Initial conditions

def f_func(eta,y_in):
    y_out = np.zeros(3)
    y_out[0] = y_in[1]
    y_out[1] = y_in[2]
    y_out[2] = -y_in[0]*y_in[2]/2
    return y_out

eta = np.linspace(0,8,100)
X0 = [0,0,0.33206]
X = odeint(f_func,X0,eta)


I am getting the error

 'float' object has no attribute '__getitem__'


When I run the following MATLAB program everything works fine. The ode45 MATLAB function is equivalent to odeint Pythons.

Main program:


global beta
beta = 1;

initial_value = [0,0,1.2322];
eta = linspace(0,4,100)
[x_out, y_out] = ode45(@falkner_skan,eta,initial_value);



Falkner_skan function:

function y_out = falkner_skan(x,y_in)

global beta

y_out(1,1) = y_in(2);
y_out(2,1) = y_in(3);
y_out(3,1) = -y_in(1)*y_in(3) - beta*(1-y_in(2)^2);



This and this and this thread doesn't seem to give me any guidance.


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Seems to be y_in

not a list but a float value. The error is increasing because you are trying to get an element from an obj[x]

object that does not support it.

Looking at the documentation for odeint , it says that the input function should take two arguments, the first being your data object and the second being a float. Therefore your implementation f_func

is wrong.



NumPy has a float 64 object which has an item () function, np.float64 (10.5) .item ()



I had the same problem. According to the documentation for odeint , in f_func (eta, y_in) change the order of eta and y_in, i.e. write it as f_func (y_in, eta) or set the tfirst argument to True.



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