Google cloud storage. Migration migration how to get access / secret key?

I am trying to follow the migration guide here:

In your existing tools or libraries, make the following changes:
Change the request endpoint to use the Google Cloud Storage request endpoint.
Replace the Amazon Web Services (AWS) access and secret key with the corresponding Google Cloud    Storage access key and secret key (collectively called your Google developer key).


There seem to be two dots: "google console" and "google apis console"

None of them seem to do anything called "google developer key" or passkey / secret. Help!:)


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Step-by-step instructions for creating interoperable keys:

For posterity:

  • Go to Google Developers Console .
  • Click the name of the project for which you want to generate a developer key.
  • In the left sidebar, expand the Storage section, click Cloud Storage, and click Project Toolbar. This opens a new browser window that displays additional storage access configuration.
  • In the left sidebar of your dashboard, make sure the Project Selector displays the project for which you want to create a developer key, and then click Google Cloud Storage. On the left sidebar of the dashboard, select Google Cloud Storage and click Compatible Access.
  • Click "Create New Key". The key part of the access of the new developer key is displayed.
  • Click Show to display the secret part of the new developer key.


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