Concatenating an external pointer into a SWIG data structure

I am using Lua with two C libraries, one using SWIG and one using manually.

The library, which is manually wrapped, is the interface to Freetype; it creates pointers FT_Face

in C which it returns as lightuserdata.

Now I need to pass this FT_Face

as a parameter to one of the functions that are wrapped by SWIG. However, SWIG certainly does not accept normal user data as parameters, but expects every C pointer to be created by SWIG - even though I have a pointer FT_Face

, SWIG wants to see SWIGTYPE_p_FT_Face

which one is under swig_lua_userdata


Is there a way to include Lua userdata in swig_lua_userdata

? How do I get SWIG to "recognize" my user data FT_Face

as a valid parameter to a function?


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The answer looks like "typemaps":

%typemap(in) FT_Face {
   $1 = (FT_Face)lua_touserdata(L,$input);
%typemap(typecheck) FT_Face = void*;




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