How to increase the size of the inner circle

I did the following CSS with JQuery: JSFiddle
However, I don't know why I can't increase the width and height of the green circle in a way that is slightly larger than the gray circle (which I call it the main circle) with a lower z-index, thus that skipping time, the green circle shows progress around the baseline (only at the border of the gray circle, because I am using a lower z-index for green)

Green circle:

<div  id='timer'></div>


I appreciate your help.



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    font-size: 70px !important;
    margin-left: -26px;
    margin-top: -21px;




You need to change font-size

to a div #timer

to get the circle to actually increase the size. Positioning will still be disabled, however, as the bottom circle border drops the timer position, so you'll need to play with the mark on #timer to get it right above the Btn.



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